jaguar mask

The Jaguar

This figure reminds me of the abstraction of a jaguar’s face which could have
been carved on a stele in Teohuatican. Its sequence is:

opening 2: a, a, a, Va, extend


The V-Universe

One of the most interesting weaves in my notebook is the V-Universe-a  weave (Va), which i use when making ‘Jaguar’. Although i’ve already presented it in my list of Universe moves, here is a more detailed description of  the Va weave. First set up the Ten Men loom then proceed as follows:

  • Pass each thumb under both index loops and pick up the near little finger string.
  • With each middle finger pick up the far little finger string.
  • Pass each thumb over the lower near index string and down through thelower index loop, then pick up the short far middle finger string and return through the lower index loop and the original thumb loop, which will slip off (the original thumb loop is the one you created by picking up the near little finger string).
  • Again pass each thumb over the lower near index string and down through the lower index loop, then up into the middle finger loop. Transfer the middle finger loop to the thumb and return through the lower index loop. You now have two loops on each thumb (fig. 38).

  •  Now you can finish the weave as you would any other weave: With each thumb pick up the upper near index string, then navaho the thumb loops (double lower loop over upper single loop).
  • Now you can either reset the loom by releasing the upper index loops and transferring the thumb loops to the indices, or proceed directly to the extension phase if you wish to end with Va.


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