cherokee seven star

Cherokee Seven Stars

In my Ten Men system i prevented reciprocal weaves (a a’) from cancelling by inserting a Universe move between them (a Aa’). In the North American Net system you can frustrate the reciprocal weave relationship by rotating the figure on your hands between the first weave (I-1, for example) and its inverse (I-1′).

Iteration Move (performed just after I-1 and I-1 inverse [I-1 and I-1′])

  • Pass each thumb away from you under all the strings, pick up the far little finger string, and return; drop the little finger loop (this transfers the little finger loop to the thumb and introduces a +1/2 spin).
  • Transfer the middle finger loop (or upper index loop if you started with K-1) to the thumb (over the index loop), inserting the thumb from below, then retransfer this loop to the little finger, inserting the little finger from above (this move shifts the middle finger loop to the little finger while simultaneously introducing a +1/2 spin).
  • Transfer the index loop to the thumb, inserting the thumb from below, then retransfer this loop to the index, inserting the index from above (this introduces a +1/2 spin). The entire figure has now been rotated a half turn away from you.

this Iteration Move (IM) is performed after both I-1 and I-1′ moves and then in order to separate the stars you also need to rotate the index loops another + 2/2

This procedural idea leads to a interesting design, one of which i call  ‘Cherokee Seven Stars’. After one repetition of the sequence a star with an octagonal hole is formed in the center of the design. Each subsequent repetition adds two stars with hexagonal centers. So to form seven stars you need to do the repetitive sequence four times. i stop at seven for symbolic reasons: among the Cherokee, it is customary to consider the welfare of the next seven generations in all the decisions we make.

after these four repetitions you need to perform all the weaves of the original inuit net to finish the figure, and the display should be murphy’s power lift.

The formula for this figure is:

Opening A, [I-1, IM, I-1′, IM, rotate index loop +2/2],4 times Inuit Out, Power Lift

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