snippets of complex figures 4 loops

4 loop ldna interchange centers 1
this figure introduces a new wrinkle which i have yet to add to my font so i will have to describe it.
4 loop ldna

(now this is the new maneuver)
rotate index +1/2 to ring
rotate middle +1/2 to index
move ring to middle
all these operations to this point have now to be repeated

all of the above must be done again
4 loop inuit plus power lift

this center is very interesting in its over-under patterns. for example the two strings forming the top of the four center diamonds both pass under the two simultaneous upper wrap strings, while the two strings forming the lower of the four center diamonds both go over the two simultaneous lower wrap strings. the patterns of over-under should correspond to the 16 alternate 4 loop openings.




another figure:

all the above (which is an inuit one weave rotated and iterated) done 4 times
4 loop inuit ending, power lift

note that the wraps between the iterations are eyes which can be opened, but that the torque caused by the differential pull of the hands causes them to close up and sometimes twist in the opposite direction. huffing and puffing with the hands dramatizes this effect. note also the difference in the center pattern and the iterative patterns, all caused by the same series of operations





yet another figure

the above is the iterative done 3 times
4 loop inuit plus power lift

note 1, 3, and 5 are the +1/2 halves of the complex operation

note the differences between the crossing patterns for A and B

again, note the crossing patterns, especially in the furthest right B

then to the left. see how the patterns look different since we “read” left to right

now look at the two first center swirls and again see the bias of left to right

can you tell quickly?

a last shot showing how the distinct differences in the middle swirls is unnoticed when casually viewing.

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