snippets of complex figures 5 loops

5 loop 2 color 12-19-98

this is a full shot under tension

this is relaxed, note the integrity of the shape

you might take note of faux white bottom transverse. one tends to see the figure framed in white which is not what the geometry would say. the top transverse is white, the bottom black. the circle of string is actually 10 equal bands of alternating color (WBWBWBWBWB) white on top and black on bottom.






another 5 loop pattern, but this time with a string of a single color.

5 loop interchange centrals 1
expanding on the four loop interchange of centers, try the following

5 loop ldna

now the analogous interchange of centrals
index +1/2 to top of middle
ring +1/2 to index (over lower middle loop)
top of middle to ring

all the above is done 4 times

5 loop inuit plus power lift


another 5 loop variant

under tension


relaxed center

closer view of figure under tension

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