hybrid tennis nets and vertical nets

Since 4- and 5-loop figures are difficult to extend, I usually reduce the number of loops to two using an ‘Inuit Out’ sequence and applying the Power Lift or Caroline Extension to display the final design. But lately i’ve also been experimenting with the Vertical Net sequence as a finishing move for 5-loop tennis nets.

After completing the iterative sequence the internal loops are rotated a full turn to seal off the complexity, then the loops are rearranged to form a Vertical Loom configuration:

Transfer the middle finger loop to the top of the ring finger; transfer the index loop to the top of the ring finger; transfer the thumb loop to the top of the ring finger; finally, transfer all four ring finger loops to the index finger, maintaining their order. Fingers are inserted from below during these transfers.

Pass the thumb under the index loops, transfer the little finger loop to the thumb, inserting the thumb from below, then immediately retransfer this loop to the middle-ring-little fingers, inserting them from above and pressing their tips against the palm.

Now do the first and second Vertical Weaves (V-1 and V-2) followed by the Vertical Net Finishing Move (V-finish) and apply the Power Lift or Caroline Extension. i call this ending ‘Vertical Net Out’. The figure below (chart 38) serves as an example.

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