cherokee 7 stars in a 5 loop environment

The classic 3-loop weaves (I-1 and I-1′) of the ‘Cherokee Seven Stars’ sequence can be mimicked in a 5-loop environment by simply adding two more circles to the 3-loop circle notation chart. The new weaves are labeled (I-1)5 and (I-1′)5 (charts 33 and 34):

nets image 59

Cherokee Seven Stars in a 5-loop environment’ results when these two weaves replace I-1 and I-1′.

In this interesting design (figure below, chart 35) the internal transverse strings that weave in and out of the diamonds are tripled. Many variations are possible. Although not illustrated here, a simple variation would be to start with a 5-loop loom in which the middle finger loop has been rotated +2/2.


nets image 53 (2)


























One can also replace (I-1′)5 with (I-1)5 and add extra loop rotations. In Variation 1 (‘Jewish Stars’) +1/2 rotations of the index, middle, and ring finger loops are introduced before each pair of (I-1)5 weaves (figure below, chart 36).

After the first two diamonds in the center, the figure settles down to a gorgeous series of six-pointed stars that overlap.


nets image 54 (2)



























One can also experiment with adding a +2/2 thumb loop rotation and a –2/2 little finger loop rotation in line 2 of chart 36. This modification wraps the loose interior transversal around the adjacent frame line, thus improving the figure’s extension (Variation 2, figure below).

nets image 55 (2)

The 5-loop analog of the last figure in chapter 3 section 3 associated with chart 21 is also quite interesting. In chart 21, the roll at the end of each iteration is omitted. In a 4-loop environment this alters the internal transversal. But the effect of omitting a roll in a 5-loop environment is completely different: the internal transversals remain parallel as in ‘Jewish Stars’ (see Variation 3, figure below, chart 37).


nets image 56 (2)

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