symmetry considerations in the ten men system

When one begins to explore string figures one thing you should consider is the opportunity they afford for physical training. Most of what we do with our hands we do in a complex dance of left and right, with each doing different things. Chording a guitar with the left hand while plucking a melody with the right is only one example. We tend to have a dominate hand for our actions.

But string figures can be done with a mirror coordination of the left and right hands so they are twirling and reaching mirror-symmetrically. This affords the brain a chance to map equivalent fine movements of the fingers on both sides of the brain doing the same thing. This exercise is truly beneficial to the individual in the gain of reciprocity of effort from both sides of the brain. The strength of either side can be accessed from the other.

Or so I think.

Watch the video and see what I mean.

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