murphy’s li tai bo von zach X

x-01 one autumn day i sit in a lian yao yuan courtyard for the preparation of the elixir of life, and tug at my white hair. poem given to my older cousin lin yuan zong, sixth of his clan
x-02 explanation of my feelings, given to chamberlain cai xiong
x-03 i remember my old walks in xiang yang, given to subdistrict judge ma zhu
x-04 in the snow, given to my cousin the district magistrate of yu cheng xian
x-05 when i studied the dao in an ling xian i met gai huan who drew up for me a true daoist breviary, and i leave behind this poem as a gift to him
x-06 given to the chamberlain cui zong zhi
x-07 given to cui, a consultant to the imperial palace
x-08 given to wang zhong chen imperial commissioner of sheng zhou
x-09 given to my nephew gan wu as he departs
x-10 given to the adjutant pei
x-11 surprise from the past, given to district judge lu tiao from jiang yang
x-12 given to my great nephew li ming, magistrate of yi xing
x-13 description of the preparation of the great elixir of life, given to liu guan di
x-14 given to the financial controller cui wen and his brother
x-15 given to district magistrate li yang xian
x-16 humorous poem given to zheng yan district superintendent of li yang xian
x-17 given to the buddhist priest yai gong
x-18 during visits to the bei hu pavilion in li yang i look over to the wa wu mountains and  think of antiquity, given to my friends
x-19 given to my nephew gao zhen after a bout of drinking
x-20 given to  under-district judge liu from qiu pu
x-21 given to the district superintendent cui of qiu pu (1 of 3)
x-22 given to the district superintendent cui of qiu pu (2 of 3)
x-23 given to the district superintendent cui of qiu pu (3 of 3)
x-24 the view from qiu hua shan mountain, given to district superintendent wei zhong kan from qing yang xian





li bai x-01

one autumn day i sit in a lian yao yuan courtyard for the preparation of the elixir of life, and tug at my white hair. poem given to my older cousin lin yuan zong, sixth of his clan

the falling leaves press home the fact that autumn is beginning
the ice in the pitcher tells me the water there is cold
yet the cassia twigs are now a brilliant green
snow shaken off, the limbs reach toward the clouds

from my youth you have been a brilliant compelling light to me
i grasped the wings and clung to the great phoenix
for thirty years we shared a heart and a will
in health and sickness we felt the same for each other

but now i sigh deeply under dark louring clouds
my hands pluck and twist at my white hair
an autumnal face stares out of my morning mirror
a once thick shock of hair now wispy to my touch

poor as i am i look to you for support
hungry as was once han shi i ask the laundress for food
when the opportunity comes the divinely inspired man helps
when the tao is present one does not bemoan one.s fate

yo yi went first of all to zhao
su qin started the league of the six states with a meeting with han
to make something of myself or to retire is in my own hands
but why should i get nothing for all my grief

murphy calling on his old friends for support





li bai x-02

explanation of my feelings, given to chamberlain cai xiong

i have always admired the imperial high steward xie an
who went with his courtesans to visit east mountain in zhe giang
became drunk watching dances of chu under the light clouds of sunset
there where the songs of wu silenced the shrill voices of the monkeys
he temporarily abandoned his subjects and went into seclusion
and without ceremony he freed the black haired people
i have also desired to emulate this lovely man
and like him to soar into the red morning clouds with a high position

once i met with our illustrious ruler
and dared to present admonitions about the rise and fall of empire
the white gem stone is ultimately without blame
even when the black fly besmirches it with injustice
then one morning i decided to leave the capital
and wandered for ten years in the in the park of liang wang
while wild dogs barked at the gates leading into the imperial residence
and bared the feelings of people who harbored resentments
but sublime heaven acted against the unrest
and the bright sun cleared away the confusing fog
brave ministers such as kui and long stood at the steps of the throne
and once again peach and plum blossomed in the middle kingdom

and now i dive into the sea to look for the moon pearl
and wander over mountains to gather fragrant herbs
i am chagrined at claiming the slightest worthy merit
for once  having undeservedly received the imperial grace
my steps have left the towering clouds of the palace
but heart still follows the heavenly horses drawing the imperial carriage

master, you are talented and determined to help the ruler as his minister
and now there is no one to be compared to you
a wind from on high fills your wings
soon you will soar into the heavens
i, however, will keep my oars plying the five lakes
and let the splashing waves continue to pound my craft
i dreamed of fishing in the rushing stream as did yan guang
the memory of his splendid character persists through the mists of time

i vainly hoped the star of travelers obscuring the ruler would disappear
his hold is now too tenuous for him to prevail on his own
after one thousand miles walking my mind returned to the palace
after ten thousand i sing this prolonged song
the yellow crane will never return again
this will change nothing though you may become saddened
my boat glides across the surface of the rivers xiao and xiang
the shadows of the mountains plunge into dong ting lake
the fact that qu wan rushed to the mi lo makes me laugh at myself
as once zhuang zi found the harmony of heaven on the banks of the hao
here in my leisure among the fields
i scratch my back and guard chickens and geese
if after our long separation you wish to visit
at your convenience you will find me in wu ling

murphy determined to give it all up forever





li bai x-03

i remember my old walks in xiang yang, given to subdistrict judge ma zhu

once i wandered around the huge dam at xiang yang
and then climbed to the high house of shan jian
i opened the window to look at the green peaks
and onto the shimmering mirror of the waters of the cang jiang

with my high cap on my head and wearing my valiant sword
i bowed low before the prefect han chao zong
it was there where i became separated from you, oh master
and now i have time to reflect and think of my old walks

you with your ruddy complexion are not yet old
while i come early to the autumn of life with my white hair
my ambition, i fear, has been in vain
earnings and fame are floating away from me like passing clouds

my heart thinks of return and clings to dreams of the distant past
but the setting sun brings this old man scant hope
in vain i think of yang hu and his everlasting glory
as my tears fall on his monument stone in the xian mountains

murphy understanding finally the ordinariness of his life





li bai x-04

in the snow, given to my cousin the district magistrate of yu cheng xian

last night in the park of prince liang i was cold and sad
these days i hear nothing about you or your younger cousin
when i looked at the snow covered trees in front of the hall
their interlocking branches reminded me of brotherly love

murphy looking at old photographs of his extended family in texas





li bai x-05

when i studied the dao in an ling xian i met gai huan who drew up for me a true daoist breviary, and i leave behind this poem as a gift to him

in pure water only can one discern the white stones
only the immortals can recognize the young adepts
master gai huan from an ling
had achieved union with the dao ten years before

his words flowed forth in a waterfall of importance
the source of his wisdom was inexhaustible
his sagacity dazzled the highest officials
they were in awe and terrified by the accuracy of his thought

he wielded his brush and gave his friends his songs
all shan dong highly valued these poems
and now even the visitors from ping yuan zhun
venerate him and admire his pure essence

here i was an apprentice to the dao with the immortals of bei hai
who gave me lessons in their palace rui zhu gong
concentrating the force of my soul by umbilical regulated breathing
in the bright sunshine of day i still yet think of the void behind the clouds

in this awareness gai huan has written for me a true daoist breviary
given me a wonderful work that would even shame the immortals
it was the transcendent wisdom of the huo lo qi yuan given me
shining with the eight flawless beams of the stars and rainbows

the owner of this book is protected by the north star from all disaster
and this dragon protects my own insignificant being
i raise my hand and thank heaven and earth
from now on birth and death are as nothing

as the yellow gold of the elixir of life fills the hall
with that which cannot be collected in sacks
i laugh at the people of this world
their souls condemned to the demon caves of lo feng shan

even what was an emperor’s grave in the past
is now but a weed overgrown plot
if you would wish to ken this offered song
then accept the emptiness of the hua and song mountains

murphy flirting with the immaterial





li bai x-06

given to the chamberlain cui zong zhi

the mongolian goose shakes her wings which fly over the seas
she cries, circling in the air, she knows now the white time of autumn
the clouds blown by the winds come from the sandy deserts of the north
and roil in constant confusion to the islands of huang he

here i am, to some extent a flying thistledown
that wandered to here from ten thousand miles away
i climb to the heights to look at the fleeting clouds
and in them i see a blurred image of the old country

the sun sinks red below the rim of the earth
the waters of the huang he flow to the far horizon
i lean on my sword and sing for a long while
my eyes focused afar and my heart filled with sorrow

at the end of this year i will return to my home
would that i could also aim for wealth and position
even confucius preached of the seventy riches
when he was invited everywhere , but was nowhere retained

lu zhong lian ran away from his reward of 1000 pieces of gold
how could his deeds be bought with jade scepters and silk scarves
oh, when the times are most favorable
it is best to live out among the trees and herbs

and i sincerely hope you will take my offered hand
and walk with me into the quietude of the southern mountains

murphy taking his holiday before he starts to work





li bai x-07

given to cui, a consultant to the imperial palace

the horse lu ji is certainly a steed sprung straight from heaven
and by no means a mere colt, there, bending over the trough
he raises his head and whinnies strongly into the wind
as if ready to roam through all the nine regions of the country

and shortly after he were to arrive in the northwest
surely he would be running soon in the southeast
the ways of the world are continually changing
problems in the future are difficult to determine in advance

i would hope that you would take great care of such a horse
then you could always see him prancing along the main road

murphy never above a bit of self praise





li bai x-08

given to wang zhong chen imperial commissioner of sheng zhou

nan ging is the residence of the emperor of the six dynasties
it is the beautiful capital of the three provinces of wu
a man must be worthy and trusted to be appointed there
the son of heaven is noted for choosing men such as you

the immense sea now rests quietly in its furthest reaches
and the great river flows ten thousand miles in its clarity
as when plans were made to relieve the siege of zhao and han dan
the emperor was determined to gain the services of old hou ying

murphy giving praise where it is due





li bai x-09

given to my nephew gan wu as he departs

even if the fish.s eye were larger than tai mountain
it would not be as good as the famous yu fan gem
you, my precious nephew, are like the moon glowing pearl
your high reputation moves throughout the district of tian men

you can literally make the words of my house geomancer become true
no less than when once wei shu challenged his existence
i do not think myself able to achieve a practical life
how could i reap earnings and fame as i am now

as it is i have high hopes for a set of five dice
for i am now in distress tied to a rope like a monkey
i have had to sell my magnificent horse in the stable
yet there is still drunken noise from guests in the hall

the yellow of gold has left me long before now
gone to make sure i kept the grace of old friends
i hear that you are now to go to long xi
and my soul is in shock from fear for you

i wandered along with you earlier
but now the weather is bad and snow swirls around
i am torn between staying here and following you
and am unable to decide upon my course

my poor house shames me when i receive guests
my speech is confused and i can make no sense of it
for three days i have thought of how to tell you my sorrow
but at dinner i cannot speak to you of myself

i am saddened indeed that you are now to leave
and i am so unmanly facing one of life’s separations
but in my heart has lodged the sorrows of a thousand years
an i have no one left to share my bitter lot

heaven and earth tear apart like a scudding cloud
for now my life is tenuous as the finest of hair
suddenly i realize the world has no beginning or end
everything i see represents a great emptiness

go now to wherever, we will not speak of it
since we separate it is useless to complain the more
liver and bile, chu and yue, the difference is real
yet mountains and rivers are the same as ceilings and curtains

if you find clouds and dragons happily together
would it not be possible to find a benevolent ruler
if you then acquired merit and wished to find me
i will be floating on a river flecked with peach blossoms of spring

murphy too disgruntled to even put on his shoes





li bai x-10

given to the adjutant pei

kingfisher feathers and threads of gold
woven in the garments of the beautiful dancers
were there no moon hanging between the clouds
we would have nothing to compare their beauty with

this spectacle is of such exquisiteness
that all other women must jealous feel
but now the grace of the ruler has left this former lover
and she must return with the autumn wind to her home

when one is distressed and in misery look not to neighbors
that is just tears falling on a sulfur yellow loom
when the weather is cold the hands are stiff
when the night progresses the candle grows small

even in ten days the cloth is not woven completely
and her hair is tangled as fresh silk threads
but her beauty is still to be loved by all who see
it is so very rarely evidenced in this world of ours

to you she shows the flash of her smiling teeth
when you gaze at her please do not despise

murphy aware of the ephemerality of it all





li bai x-11

surprise from the past, given to district judge lu tiao from jiang yang

tai bo, eldest son of zhou tai wang, renounced the throne
his younger brother the same but more famously
their pure nature influenced the whole of antiquity
their changed lives fixed in the heavens as stars

they founded the kingdom of wu and lived at the eastern sea
there generations of the lu family have shown outstanding efficiency
many of these old virtues are united in your honorable being
like a giant mountain you tower among your fellow men

even in your youth you were original
when you went wandering at large from lo yang
you wore the sword yan ling on your hips
a gem belt held together with shiny beads and an ornate mantle

once i was a friend of those who fought cocks
and was with these ruffians often in wu ling
they cozened me and wished that i should join with them
with loud and angry voices they began to insist

but you forced your way into the crowd surrounding me
and all the assailants melted away leaving us alone
you took care of my problem with the exalted censor.s office
and saved me from the danger at the northern gate

since then you have become district judge at jiang yang
and there have cut back the brambles and planted fragrant orchids
how impressive you were passing through the city gate
returning from a hard five months of campaigning

birds of good omen came to rest on the beautiful trees of our district
you attracted great talents to the well appointed hall of your yamen
every time you returned home from the prefecture
you played your string and wind instruments with joy

i was sorry to be so far away from you
with no way for us to empty cups together
to the north of the river the lotus blossoms
to the south the strawberry trees have ripened fruit

i hoist the sail after the sun has risen from the sea
and use the wind to drive me along the great river
i have bought a quantity of xin feng wine
to fill the boat like a second wang zi you going to yan xi

on the way i met no one
and i just came to your door
you laughed out loud and we got drunk
the most fun we have had in our lives

murphy always the trickster surprising friends with his impromptu parties





li bai x-12

given to my great nephew li ming, magistrate of yi xing

the son of heaven wishes to attract capable officials
and the imperial house of li has many brilliant talents
your luster is bright as the full autumn moon
as it rises high above the wu terrace

your brush touching silk brings wonder to the world
your sharp intellect sets in motion a clearing wind and thunder
while the common man creeps like a caterpillar for a hundred miles
you soar on the back of a roc up to the san tai star

when you rest from your labors after dinner
you sit in your hall facing the mountains, playing your zheng
the still transparency of the surrounding water brings peace
as betimes white clouds glide over in their leisure

pao yo, the district magistrate of he yang, wrote many beautiful poems
tao qian, governor of peng ze, gave himself over to his famous drinking
what hurts you is that you have not been promulgated
for if you were you would be as prominent as the milky way

once the upstart liu zhan rioted against the will of the emperor
people became confused, lost as if in the wilds of the forest
in the passing stream no happy fish could be found
and even the old pensioners fled from their estates

you swore to wash away the shame of gui ji
and you wanted to avoid especially the area around xuan zheng
you have always highly esteemed the chief censor
because in your art your axe fell to the beat of the music

the minister was responsible for removing the bad, employing the good
and it was due to him that you were taken back into service
singing and playing the zheng pleased you as you took office again
harmony and exultation made the hearts of the people drunk

when management is incompetent the incompetent must be removed
for even if a nest is overturned the birds will return there again
they awaited your arrival with celebratory jugs of wine
dancing and singing the people rejoiced

the country folk threw their rain gear and straw hats into the air
the silkworm girls loosened their hairpins and donned perfumes
they crowded around wishing you joy with jokes and laughter
they returned what they knew was your deep love for the people

in the many official offices i have heard it said
that among the famous nobles you are the best
your influence is spreading throughout the land
your fame hurries far beyond the region of the three streams

your lofty principles rise to the height of the clouds
your insight is proven to be comprehensive
using your skills in literature you convince men to be good
friendly visitors arrive continually in their carriages

also i have come in my walk to be here with you
and at the same time to visit the mountain torrent of yan guang

murphy giving praise when it is due





li bai x-13

description of the preparation of the great elixir of life, given to liu guan di

heaven and earth form the bellows
matter is continually transformed therein
the yin and the yang unite in great miracles
form their interaction comes the pure soul

each brings its own remarkable abilities
but who knows precisely their purpose and meaning
in the network of the four seasons
they are entangled forever with neither ever alone

the sun and moon change their times of rising and setting
but the two sources of light are never joined
the mercury is in the changing vessel
yellow gold fills the collection cup

holding the connection shaft one can control them both
after the substances melt in the flames of the oven
freshen the red bird of fire to spread its wings again
until the white tiger.s essence is found in its dwelling

continue to cook until the proper time
then allow the small elixir of life to solidify
it looks like the dust on a transparent window
the dormant ashes equal to the deepest silence

then through further cooking and stirring comes a red color
and after 12 full distillations have been performed
suddenly the great elixir of eternal life is formed
for this is truly the essence of the dao

then one can play effectively with the brightness of the sun
and the gods in heaven make their presence known
the mountain bei fang loses its reputation for death
your name already listed in the constellation of eternal life

and now i wonder what will happen to me
my self has returned to the circle of magicians
where i exercise my skills to form relationships
and i throw off the vile ways of the world in contempt

i have striven to become an immortal and eschew evil
and understand that humility is better than high spirits
even you who do not walk to the golden palace gate
must hope to be a guest of the god you huang zhun

you will be riding in the phoenix carriage faster than wind and lightning
pulled by dragons which need no flick of your whip
with one swing you will rise to the ninth heaven
where you will join hands with the immortals in heartfelt contentment

murphy wishing mightily for an impossibility





li bai x-14

given to the financial controller cui wen and his brother

the two pearls come from the ocean.s deeps
they are as beautiful as the jewels of bin he
both embody the unique beauty of the full moon
whose light from above falls beneficently on the people

your great reputation has the capital excited
and your great worth is well known in neighboring kingdoms
not only your retired life like that of xu wu at the foot of qi shan
but your entire being brings to me a sense of devotion

in the past i did not put myself forward
carrying a parasol like yu qing i moved west into the qin empire
clinging to the dragon i ascended to the ninth heaven
and undeservedly i was recorded as an official of the planet jupiter

as a private man i was waiting at the red palace steps
in the state council i crafted edicts for the emperor
my talent was small but the grace i received was large
but then eloquent detractors sullied my name

since i left the capital ten years have passed by
now i have been back for more than ten days
white rime of morning has gotten into the hair of my temples
white dew appears on the clothes i carry with me

on the side of the road i see a pavilion beside green water
i open the door and see colorful cushions spread out
you distributed a thousand gold pieces to the knights assembled
these are no ordinary guests who are gathered here

i want to chop down the cinnamon tree on the moon
and use it for firewood for the comfort of these men
others laugh at me and my attempts to step up to the heavens
but the grace i receive is as large as the hills and mountains

i am unable to repay your kindness with the efforts of my body
though in these verses only one person is explicitly here

murphy grasping at straws to re-establish mimself





li bai x-15

given to district magistrate li yang xian

when li xu was not yet made minister of song zhi
he hunted rabbits outside the east gate
as song you served under xiang wang
he found time to compose the gao tang fu

i was listening to the beautiful song of the clear waters
right then we met here unexpectedly
everything was made clear and the blue heavens opened
thick clouds and fog were torn apart

the lush plumage of the purple phoenix is seen
high up in its nest in the trees of kun lun
a strong persistent wind comes from the northwest
and the phoenix flies on to the southern sea

early on i wished in my heart to help the state and the people
and was especially honored by the attention of the emperor
yet on this precious white stone a black spot was placed
suddenly the ruler and the ruled no longer knew each other

human life is influenced by the sense of duty both up and down
the superior man offers his heart and blood in service
when will the middle kingdom recover to happier days
we both wish for the betterment of the empire

murphy polishing up his resume’





li bai x-16

humorous poem given to zheng yan, district superintendent of li yang xian

district superintendent tao was drunk every day
he knew nothing of his five spring pastures
his zheng had always been without strings
he used a head scarf made of grass cloth to strain his wine

seeking cool winds he rested by the north window
he called himself the man from the time of emperor fu xi
and as soon as i set foot in the village of li yang
he immediately called me his life-long friend

murphy a friend to drinkers everywhere





li bai x-17

given to the buddhist priest yai gong

once in the east on long ling mountain
i studied contemplation with bai mei kong
the vast earth became clear as a mirror
and i understood all motion is an effect of the wind
i borrowed this creative force
and it made my spirit sharp and piercing
in the evening i sought the upper spirit of tai shan
and from there i saw the sun sink into the clouds

at midnight i was asleep in the moonlight on the mountain
thus i shook the dust from my clothes and escaped the crowds
i was taught the buddhist doctrine
but the events of the world left their mark on me
the hidden mysteries i was taught had a heavenly sheen
i separated myself from the world in its light
i became a rudderless boat which has been untied
as i watched the eternal changing of nature

i then i met an harmonious soul on the banks of the great river
and this great teacher was a flower of a buddhist priest
his manner of presentation set the mountains and seas into motion
he influenced princes and ministers wherever he traveled
when he takes up the fly whisk with the jade handle and begins
he seems to rise to speak from a high vantage point
the most sophisticated discourse pours out in a hundred streams
through his tireless efforts one can begin to understand

it is as if a wind rises and the world begins to move
and the ten thousand sounds of the earth sound for you alone
it is as if all eight sections of heaven opened and closed
through your new found integrity you submit to thunder and lightning
you keep telling yourself you are traveling through the tian tai shan
you have succeeded in climbing the steep rock to a broad green meadow
cautiously you cross over a stone bridge
and you feel as if you have arrived in the heavens

you are taken there and then you return to this realm
you have seen for yourself the most beautiful scenery
oh when, master, will you take me by the hand
and we on wooden kegs cross to the islands of the immortals

murphy stricken dumb on the road to damascus





li bai x-18

during visits to the bei hu pavilion in li yang i look over to the wa wu mountains and think of antiquity, given to my friends

in the mornings i go up to the pavilion by the northern lake
and look into the distance to the wa wu mountains
the sky is clear and white dew has formed after a cold night
then i notice that the autumn winds have returned

the hikers up here are dependent on the emperor.s grace
and look with eyes filled with his expectations
and then one points out storks flying away
but they are distant and we cannot see them clearly

we sigh together and seek to cheer each other up
i ask myself when will i travel to giang su
i have heard of a chaste, good girl who lives there
who runs a retreat on the bay of the lai river

a pure brilliance continues to penetrate our eyes
in the bright sun our faces shine in its radiance
at the foot of the wa wu shan i see five or six burial mounds
they resemble nothing more than tigers crouching to pounce

they are the cover of the nine sources of the underworld
and the recall of their beings brings back the whole of antiquity
wu yuan once asked a woman for food
and she emptied her pot of rice porridge for him

then as his fate improved he gave vent to his long held grudges
went to the land of chu and whipped the corpse of duke ping
but by doing this he disturbed the connection between heaven and earth
when one hears his name one shivers as from a bath of ice

if a worthy man such as wu yuan has not made a success of life
how difficult nine out of ten steps are for men, as if they climb tai hang
i would share with each of you the shaking of dust from our clothes
and soaring off and away for ten thousand miles

murphy as always measuring himself against great men from the past





li bai x-19

given to my nephew gao zhen after a bout of drinking

we met on horseback and lowered our whips in greeting
in unusual surroundings travelers are friendly
i wanted to invite you for music and wine
but i had just lost my belongings and had no money

nature in jiang dong changes relentlessly with the seasons
now showing wind strewn flowers left over from spring
the yellow gold hardly fresh in my hands brought joy
yesterday i sold my property and this morning i was already poor

why are men so thoughtlessly complacent
wouldn’t it be better to flaunt our manliness
you are a jin shi and have no further to go in the world
i am in the autumn of life with white hair

when times are quiet no one thinks about the need for honorable men
even small children ignore such as lian po and lin xing ru
who earlier stuck their swords in sharkskin leather sheaths
they hang idle now in their belts, though ready for use

let.s go get some wine and inebriate ourselves to the extreme
we can spend another night as drunken as those of zhuan zhu wu

murphy looking forward to the keg promised for the evening





li bai x-20

given to  under-district judge liu from qiu pu

qiu pu used to be an inhospitable area
and in the yamen were only a few officials
then you came to plant peach and plum trees
and this land has become fragrant

with a brush in my hand i gaze at passing clouds
i open the door and see green fields before me
when the time comes we entertain ourselves under the rising moon
indulge ourselves in wine and enjoy the silver radiance

and because of you my beloved friend and master
i tarry long and cannot bring myself to return to my home

murphy flagrantly flattering his generous host





li bai x-21

given to the district superintendent cui of qiu pu (1 of 3)

i love cui the district superintendent of qiu pu
he has so completely the proclivities of district superintendent tao
before his gate stand five pastures
beside his well two chestnut trees

the birds of the mountains settle in his court hall
the flowers on his porch shed petals in his wine
he is in my heart and separation from him is hard for me
full of longing i think of him constantly

murphy well spoken in his praise





li bai x-22

given to the district superintendent cui of qiu pu (2 of 3)

district superintendent cui mimics district superintendent tao
he sleeps like him in the daytime under the north window
he often carries his zheng in the moon light of evening
and understands the flavor of life without touching the strings

if you are his guest much wine is drunk
yet as an official he thinks nothing of money
on the eastern shore he grows much millet to make wine
i urge him to reap the field early so we always have plenty

murphy the appreciative guest





li bai x-23

given to the district superintendent cui of qiu pu (3 of 3)

the district superintendent of he yang was beautiful as a flower
the man in qiu pu is a sparkling gem
the quality of a district reflects its governance
the manners of this district are better for your influence

the waterfall of qiu hua shan seems to fall from the milky way
the mountains seem fresher than a painted screen
try not to forget this earlier guest in the capital
banished to zhang sha and mourned by the dignitaries of chu

murphy caught up in the sadness of his past





li bai x-24

the view from qiu hua shan mountain, given to district superintendent wei zhong kan from qing yang xian

once i looked out of qiu jiang
afar, the mountain with nine points resembled a lotus blossom
the green water cascaded down as if from the milky way
majestically towered the lotus bloom

i wish you would come there with me once
any of you who can spare the time
if you wish to experience being a noble.s guest
then you will sleep under those pines reaching to the sky

murphy the travel agent promising the trip of a life time

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